We report the growth and fabrication of low-threshold high-power high-yield single-longitudinal 1.3-μm InGaAsP/lnP capped mesa buried heterostructure (CMBH) lasers by a combination of hydride and organometallic vapor phase epitaxial techniques. Using a multiple-barrel hydride vapor phase epitaxial (VPE) reactor, we can reproducibly grow high-quality distributed feedback (DFB) double heterostructure (DH) over conventional first-order gratings (grating period = 0.2010 μm) that are etched onto InP substrates. The DH consisted of three layers: a λg = 1.1-μm n-InGaAsP waveguide layer grown directly on the DFB grating; a λg = 1.3-μm InGaAsP active layer; and a p-InP cladding layer. These DH structures exhibit excellent optical and electrical properties with broad area thresholds of 1 kA/cm2. Cross-sectional transmission electron micrographs of this material show clean interfaces and excellent grating preservation with grating amplitudes normally between 600 and 800 A.

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